Nebula Badger is a former commentator who started out in January of 2017. Her commentaries mainly focus on topics in animation, art, and writing. On April 10th, 2017, she joined the Corporation of the Alternative Nitpickers, but left when the group disbanded. In 2018, she deleted all of her videos.

Avatars Edit

  • Lilli Badger (OC) [Retired Main]
  • Nergal Jr. (Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy) (Retired)
  • Delightful Children from Down the Lane (Codename Kids Next Door) (Retired)
  • Black Cat (Retired)
  • Mimikyu (Pokemon Sun & Moon) (Retired)
  • Amethyst (Steven Universe) (Retired)
  • Beast Boy (Young Justice) (Retired)
  • Top Cat (Top Cat) (Retired)

People she commentated on Edit

  • super sonic style
  • Cartoon Theory
  • doqboi (DeviantART)
  • KanyaFan 2003
  • Gaming Express
  • Cupcake Sketcher
  • Robin Seplut (April Fools Joke 2017)
  • Nightmare Kitten

People who commentated on her Edit

Trivia Edit

  • People often mistake her for a male child because of her ambiguous sounding voice. She began lowering the pitch of her voice in an attempt to fix this issue, but soon abandoned it.
  • She loves cats too much.
  • She likes electro swing, tropical house, ska, and English utaloid covers.
  • She had been following the CC ever since Guptill89 was a popular target, but made no videos at the time because she did not have a YouTube account.
  • She introduced a character named Bot in her fifth commentary and revealed he was a robotic servant in her sixth commentary. Since then, Bot has appeared either in person or as text as her partner in her videos. 
  • She refuses to make a Skype or Twitter, rather encouraging people to message her through her other social media accounts.
  • Doqboi is fully aware of her 3rd commentary, despite being on a different website

Links Edit

Her YouTube channel

Her Tumblr

Her deviantArt