I Don’t Wanna: The Movie is a commentary made by Mills Kohai and Doodletones on the Corporation of the Alternative Nitpickers. It is the fifty-first numbered commentary made by Mills Kohai, and overall the sixty-ninth video on her commentary playlist.

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The video starts at a playground with Doodle telling her OC, Cancer the Weeabo, to go off and play before running into Mills Kohai.

Reception Edit

I Don’t Wanna: The Movie received critical acclaim at launch.

Even though this video got mostly positive reception, Blaze The Movie Fan criticized it for being too long and the fact that he found the character gindem taynayka to be pointless.

Rae (Mills Kohai) has recently started showing distaste for the commentary for various reasons, as shown in a tweet she made regarding her issues with the video on March 16, 2019.

An image going over Mills Kohai’s issues with Lets Just Comment Episode 51.


On March 22, 2019, Mills Kohai did a livestream going over the video and why she no longer likes the commentary, citing various instances of derogatory slurs, the destructive and condescending nature of the video, and Gindem being out of character, which lead Rae to eventually retcon his appearance in the commentary, among other criticisms regarding the video. [3]

Trivia Edit

  • On Doodletones’s playlist, this video is cited as her 194th commentary.
  • On Doodletones’s commentary on Blazing Larvesta, the former references this commentary when she points out how her target gets onto their target’s case for not covering more of their video.
  • The long title of this commentary is "I Don't Wanna, The Movie Part IV: International C.A.N. of Mystery".

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