Corporation of the Alternative Nitpickers
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Corporation of the Alternative Nitpickers (or C.A.N. for short) was a commentary group created by The Direct Messenger 88 intended for newer and lower commentators while also being open to anyone. It's original roster had been complex and the group couldn't agree to anything, but started to pick up speed with new moderators at the helm.

In March 2018, the group was disbanded

Former Members Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Since the first official CAN Comm, NaiTaiDai's leadership has been criticized with many members leaving due to different reasons.
  • Direct had an emotional breakdown from April onwards, and no longer interacts with most of the members. He also kicked a third of the members before leaving.
  • Their creation happened shortly before The F-Team and a merger had been planned at one point.
    • On top of that, their creation happen a day after Deck of the Chipmunks was created.
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