Commentaries that are widely held in high regard by viewers and commentators alike.

2013 Edit

Title Uploader Subject Released Length Praises Notes
Professor Commentaries - The Cloverfield Monster[1] TOGProfessor SaganFan1983 (back then known as TheOrionBroadcast) October 27, 2013 10:27
  • Sarcasm is used in an entertaining way.
  • Legitimate problems with the video pointed out.
  • Avatar: Franken Stein.
  • Second-degree commentary.
  • Commentated on by SaganFan1983.[2]

2014 Edit

Title Uploader Subject Released Length Praises Notes

2015 Edit

Title Uploader Subject Released Length Praises Notes
Lets Just Comment Episode 35 (Co-op): MDXLR - MDXLR is a Mall Cop[3] Mills Kohai Mistress Dove July 11, 2015 20:31

2016 Edit

Title Uploader Subject Released Length Praises Notes
I Sereously Have A Bone 2 Pick[4] Doodletones SkeletonNation | SereousGamer33 April 15, 2016 17:11
  • Avatar(s): Charmy Bee (for SkeletonNation) and Tails (for SereousGamer33).
  • Sixth-degree commentary (incorrectly labeled seventh in the video).
Lets Just Comment Episode 43: TheUtubedude101 - Jew Man Group Is Cancelled[5] Mills Kohai TheUtubedude101 April 22, 2016 22:17
  • Avatar: It Me.
  • Cameos by SkiHound (as guy on phone) and Silver (Athena Cykes).
  • Intro by SkiHound.
  • Minor editing by Silver.
  • Third-degree commentary.
Hated Character Lists Are So 2010 (Commentary)[6] MasterTP10 Speedster May 27, 2016 52:23
Venomous Commentary: Someguy Has All the Stupidity (Co-op with SereousGamer33) Nihilistic Snake Someguy827 September 27, 2016 34:14
  • Good points
  • Good chemistry
  • Entertaining
  • Avatar: Lara Croft
  • Co-op with SereousGamer33 (as Vegeta)
  • Ranked #2 on Snake's list "Top 10 Worst Videos I've Commentated On"
Commentary: Cult of Dusty The Atheist Elitist[7] Blaze The Movie Fan Cult of Dusty October 22, 2016 18:00
  • Pointing out legitimate problems with Dusty's video.
  • People who normally don't like Blaze's commentaries admit he did a good job here.
  • Avatar: no avatar (on camera).
  • Third-degree commentary.
  • Nine people reviewed the script. They are Emery Bowman, Kristal Colt, Danny Korcz, Mike's Island, GoldFinale, Doodletones, BurnCoalition and Lemminggaming.
Setting Fire to the Joshua Tree[8] Doodletones Joshua Culvyhouse | Spirit Productions | Obscurian | Karmonit0 | The Illogical Reaper | The Masked Reviewer | Dicksponge Ent. December 16, 2016 52:40
  • Called out everybody.
  • Pointed out how biased everyone was.
  • Made great counter-points.
  • Convinced everyone involved (except Obscurian) to cool down on videos on Joshua.
  • Avatar: Tomoko Kuroki.
  • Tenth-degree commentary (calls out 16 degrees).

2017 Edit

Title Uploader Subject Released Length Praises Notes
Commentary #25: Never Go Full Slothboy Part III[9] Dirtbikeredden Nihilistic Snake May 21, 2017 40:06
  • Good contrast in perspective compared to Redden and Ski's commentary on SuperFunnyBros.
  • Made great counter-points.
  • Effectively calls out rampant plagiarism.
  • Avatar: His OC.
  • Co-op with SkiHound (as Drawn Avatar).
  • Fifth-degree commentary.
  • Ranked #2 on Akriloth2160's Top 10 Best (and 5 Worst) Commentaries of 2017 list.
  • Video was removed, but was re-uploaded by Slayer The Loli on July 28, 2018 after Dirtbikeredden privated his commentaries.
Venomous Commentary: Diary of an Angry MGTOW (Co-op with Ponder Sprocket) Nihilistic Snake Angry MGTOW July 25, 2017 42:00
  • Great chemistry between the partners
  • Great points
  • Entertaining
  • Snake not letting their emotions get the better of them.
Ponder Sprocket The Movie[10] Ponder Sprocket The Masked Starmaker, Illiniguy34, Chirprocks, The Illogical Reaper, Jorm, and MrAwesome 'N Mario360 July 2, 2017 2:09:13
  • Good points.
  • A video over an hour long done right.
A TP Carol MasterTP10 Himself, Zera Richards, and Galeforce3192 July 25, 2017 1:00:32
  • Legitimate points were being made throughout.
  • A video over an hour long done right.
  • A self-commentary done very well.
  • Showing the flaws in the commentary covered that people missed.
  • Avatar(s): Mimi Tachikawa (Present TP) and Tikal (Young TP).
  • Tri-op with DigitalTy (as his OC) and BubblingBrooke (Mismagius).
  • Cameos by Akriloth2160 (as Monsieur Popo), Doodletones (Elizabeth), Ponder Sprocket (Ponder Sprocket), Post TP (Peri) and Silver (his OC).
  • Second-degree commentary.
  • Ranked #1 on Akriloth2160's Top 10 Best (and 5 Worst) Commentaries of 2017 list.
Digital Dissections: Ep. 2 - Lily Peet: A Digital Homocide Story[12] Aeron Tempest Lily Peet September 13, 2017 47:04
  • Backs up claims with verifiable evidence.
  • Legitimate points were being made throughout.
  • Very informative and entertaining.
  • Solid presentation.
Lets Just Comment Episode 51: C.A.N. - I Don't Wanna, The Movie


Mills Kohai Corporation of the Alternative Nitpickers (Jonah Smith, Crimson Paladin, Supersonicward15, and Lunaticthegame) October 6, 2017 1:29:44
  • A video over an hour long done right.
  • Very informative and entertaining.
  • Backs up claims with verifiable evidence.
  • Legitimate problems with the video pointed out.
  • Avatar: Actual Me.
  • Edited by Doodletones.
  • Co-op with Doodletones (as Elizabeth), Gindemtaynayka (himself) and オタクがん (Julie).
  • Cameos by Post Rion (as Korekiyo Shinguji), Silver (The Devil via Dark Pit), Jiggy Shark (xxx), and Autumn Chan (her OC).
  • Second-degree commentary.
  • The long title of this commentary is "I Don't Wanna, The Movie Part IV: International C.A.N. of Mystery".

2018 Edit

Title Uploader Subject Released Length Praises Notes
The Closing Bracket[16] DigitalTy Himself April 7, 2018 21:38
  • A self-commentary done very well.
  • Legitimate points were being made throughout.
  • Showing how decisions can be a huge factor in making content.
  • Avatar: His OC.
  • A commentary on his Twitlonger.
Spoctor Theory! Gone Wrong! Gone Sm3xu4l![17] Ponder Sprocket Atari, Pentagrin, Stories, QuestionedTurkey, and qhostii April 25, 2018 1:50:06
  • Convincing everyone of the innocency of Spoctor (even Atari herself) and cleaning his reputation.
  • Showed that the subjects, who declared themselves victims of Spoctor Tech were either taking things out of context or not showing enough evidence to strengthen some of their claims.
  • Going out of her way to ask artists who collaborated with Spoctor to debunk the claims that he didn't pay them.
  • Avatar(s): Speed-painting and Ponder Sprocket (intro).
  • Edited by Doodletones.
  • Cameos by Autumn Chan (as voice-over of Atari), 8363MTR (as voice-over of Pentagrin), Slayer The Loli (as voice-over of Stories), Boonslayer (as voice-over of Spoctor and Toonslayer), Scarlet Otaku (as Lesbian [Ronni]), and Doodletones (as voice-over of Jettatura [Stories]).
  • Commentary on 5 videos.

2019 Edit

Title Uploader Subject Released Length Praises Notes
Down the Spoctor Hole part 2: All Stories Have an End Ponder Sprocket Mimidiggz, qhostii, Pentagrin, and Stories February 28, 2019 2:28:20
  • Bringing to light and addressing extremely condemming evidence that Stories/Jettatura planned her attack on Spoctor back during December 2017.
  • Further proving the claims made by qhostii (Spoctor's ex) wrong.
  • Clearing up and exploring situations in the Spoctor Drama that were previously left vague or incomplete, and giving the people involved in those situations a platform to apologize/elaborate.
  • Containing multiple well-made and comedic animations.
  • Showcasing more complex editing throughout the video, which prior its release, wasn't something generally seen on her channel.
  • Avatar(s): Ponder Sprocket (Christmas outfit), speed-painting, and Empty Brooke.
  • Edited by Vabzuycin (first Ponder Sprocket video edited by them).
  • Cameos by: Doodletones (Stories, her OC), IcyhazardX (Pentagrin, her OC), Mimidiggz (herself), Kayden Marx (his OC), Spoctor (himself), PegaGamer (himself), Vabzuycin (minor, horny fan, their OC), Vii Omega (qhostii), Hiten Mitsuru (her OC), NateDoodles (herself, Twitter Person, Fort), BubblingBrooke (herself), Autumn Chan (herself, Atari), Scarlet Otaku (her OC, herself), Chaos55t (her OC), Atari (her OC), Aeron Tempest (his OC), Micro Mavi (her OC), Cosmo StarDust (Cherioux, Cap), MangaKamen (his OC), Just a Robot (himself), Feghost (Stories), and TheNamesJunkie (himself).
  • Most cameos in a video on her channel.
  • Longest Ponder Sprocket commentary on her channel.
  • Contains three animations: “Steven Universe Tribute Animation” by Vabzuycin, “Fuck You, Pay Me” by herself, and "Punishment" by herself.
  • First Ponder Sprocket commentary to have a teaser video preceding its release (Edited by Vabzuycin).
  • The last of the Spoctor Drama videos.

Unknown release date Edit

Title Uploader Subject Released Length Praises Notes
Tubers93 is not funny BassClefEly (back then known as MSkull01) Tubers93 2011 Unknown
  • Legitimate points were being made throughout.
  • Even though the commentary itself is long gone, there does exist an edited version of it. Part 1 and 2

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