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This is a list of commentaries by Nightmare Kagamine on her channel.


Morgan made commentaries on GyroHedgie453, ANTI KANZENSHUU TEAMFOURSTAR, and hazlehippo1 in 2011 on her old channel that was closed a long time ago with Yami Yugi and NiGHTS as her avatars. Since then, and after losing them in early 2012, the videos were no longer available to be seen anymore.


These commentaries were made by Morgan in 2012-2013 when she was known as MorganHedgelionessxX at that time, and she disowned most of them.

Title Target Date Length Notes
OSC: Turbo, really?[1] DaTurboHedgehog February 9, 2012 2:25
OSC: Difference Between Bullying and Fair Use[3] ninjababyzz March 18, 2012 2:42
  • Avatar: Red Scout.
  • Last commentary made in Windows Movie Maker.
MHLxX Commentaries: Worst, Butthurt Response Ever[4] Grontage April 11, 2012 13:01
  • Avatar: Red Scout.
  • Third-degree commentary.
  • Annotation at 0:00: It turns out that I got trolled again this time in this commentary. Thanks to xMephistanx for calling me out on that
  • Commentated on by Professor Magewood.[5]
  • First commentary made in Sony Vegas.
  • Disowned.
OSC(or Two Shot Commentary): Funnytime77's Still Relevant?[6] SonicslittleHelper April 20, 2012 2:37
MHLxX Commentaries: thesonicmew hasn't learned, doesn't he[7] Thesonicmew April 28, 2012 6:36
  • Avatar: Rin Kagamine.
  • Second-degree commentary.
  • Annotation at 0:00: I have talked too fast, and I have dragged on my points on way too long in this commentary. Thanks to supercharmander1 and MrFireBird467 for calling me out on that
  • Commentated on by Super Charmander[8] and MrFire Bird.
  • Disowned.
OSC: Apology Not Accepted, Dude[9] FlukeDogg08 May 6, 2012 2:10
  • Avatar: Rin Kagamine.
  • Annotation at 0:00: I heard the negative feedback from SickKirby that I'm a hypocritic for making two apology videos when I made mistakes on my OSCs and commentaries, yet when FlukeDogg makes an apology video, I went like THESE VIDS AREN'T GONNA WORK in this OSC
  • Disowned.
MHLxX Commentaries: Remember the Past Mistakes and Correct Them[10] YuGiOhSonicNiGHTS64 May 27, 2012 5:05
  • Avatar: Rin Kagamine.
  • Annotation at 0:00: Note: Sorry about the lag in the beginning of the video I commentated on. That happens when I try to put the video I downloaded on my Sony Vegas sometimes, so I might need help to fix it. And btw, I apologize for the bad audio ducting in this commentary. I'll try to do it more better when I make my next better commentary, so hope you'll understand that. Thanks to SmugleafCarriesOn for notifying me to put this in the annotation or in the comments of this video
  • Annotation at 0:49: Damn Sony Vegas lag on the beginning of this video!
  • Self-commentary.
  • Commentated on by Grontage (Old[11] and Revised[12]) and Chef Smugs.
  • Disowned.
OSC: Hypocrisy to the New Level[13] D3ATHCRITIC June 17, 2012 2:12
  • Avatar: Rin Kagamine.
  • Tenth-degree commentary.
  • Annotation at 0:00: Update: This drama about this 10th degree commentary crap's over. I glad that me, Death, and others who were involved in this have moved on from it
  • Disowned.
Taking A Joke Seriously (Quickie)[14] Deuntre4 August 19, 2012 3:29
  • Avatar: Rin Kagamine.
  • Fourth-degree commentary.
  • Annotation at 0:00: Yea, I know Sonicfan3311 beated me to this video, but I did a commentary on it first, so too bad Sonicfan3311 uploaded his commentary before I did(due to my uploading of it taking so long X_X)
  • Commentated on by Spy Scriber.[15]
Sailor Iron Mouse Makes a Comeback (Quickie)[16] D3ATHCRITIC September 14, 2012 3:04
  • Avatar: Rin Kagamine.
  • Fifth-degree commentary. (Although, Morgan used to call it a fourth-degree)
  • Annotation at 0:00: Well, I admit, I have plagerized some points out of Smugleaf's points from his commentary which makes it very uninteresting, and my skipping was kinda redundant at the beginning since I could have jumped right to his commentary, and my sentence structure is still low and as much this word, "hypocrite" is overused. Also it's not a 3rd Degree Commentary, it's a 4th degree commentary. Thanks goes to NintendoMan355 for calling me out on this
  • Commentated on by Deuntre4[17] and Chenana4ever.[18]
  • Disowned.
Yay, DarkDemonDorro Closed his Account! (Quickie)[19] LuigiFan00001 October 10, 2012 2:20
  • Avatar: Rin Kagamine.
I'm More Monotone than You (OSC)[20] OrphanOfTheMoon November 16, 2012 1:21
  • Avatar: Rin Kagamine.
  • Eighth-degree commentary.
  • Annotation at 0:44: Note: I putted subtitles in there so you guys can understand what I'm saying. If you can understand me just fine, you don't have to use the captions for them. Thanks goes to rougetbat aka sarahthecat2t7 for reminding me to put them in my commentaries
  • Commentated on by OrphanOfTheMoon.[21]
  • Disowned.
SonicGuy711 Fails at Whiteknighting Rawgasm (Quickie)[22] SonicGuy711 January 11, 2013 1:38

Nightmare KagamineEdit

These are the commentaries by Morgan that are uploaded on her channel as Nightmare Kagamine.

Title Target Date Length Notes
Nightmare Commentaries: Back to the Community...For Now[24] LWR Speaks April 14, 2015 8:18
Nightmare Commentaries: Awkward Pauses and Little Speaking[27] Sean S April 25, 2015 6:45
  • Avatar: Rin Kagamine.
  • Fourth-degree commentary.
  • Annotation at 0:24: Sorry, D3ATH, but the way you get your pronouncinations wrong sometimes, the way Sean pronounced MewManic wrong kinda reminds me of it
  • Commentated on by Halofan hp00.[28]
Nightmare One Shot: I WANT MY LATIAS[29] shiny hunter May 2, 2015 2:02
  • Avatar: Kurumi Tokisaki.
Nightmare One Shot: Popular Anime ≠ Underrated[30] May 11, 2015 2:06
  • Avatar: Kurumi Tokisaki.
  • Annotation at 1:26: I meant to say popularity XD
  • Uses a clip from the English dub of Date A Live episode 9.
  • Disowned.
Nightmare Commentaries: Now I'm Starting to Dislike Response Commentaries[31] Halofan hp00 May 22, 2015 6:45
  • Avatar: Kurumi Tokisaki.
  • Tenth-degree commentary. (Although, she ended up calling it a sixth-degree)
  • Commentated on by Halofan hp00.[32] and Spy Scriber.[33]
Nightmare Commentaries: Your Taste of Music Sucks! (Co-op with BrandX)[34] Seck Boi June 5, 2015 10:16
  • Avatar: Kurumi Tokisaki.
  • Co-op with BrandX (as Cerebella).
  • Second-degree commentary.
  • Annotation at 9:50: Right after this was uploaded, since BOP already reached the limit of 30 members in there, I really don't think I can join in there anytime soon
Nightmare Commentaries(Quickie): WHY U DISLIKE MY VIDEO?[35] webkinzpuppyxo June 11, 2015 3:24
  • Avatar: Rin Kagamine.
  • Annotation at 0:00: I fucked up on this introduction. This became a cliche, and I could have come up with a better introduction than that.
  • Annotation at 0:23: That was the worst part I said in this commentary. It's ironic from me, considering that I used Rin as my avatar instead of my face.
  • Annotation at 0:48: That clip became overused right there, even though I blame TOG and Blaze for bringing it back. I don't understand why I get called out for using it, but not TOG or Kayden.
  • Annotation at 0:57: Even with the fast forwarding, you can still understand what webkinz is saying, so I messed up on the fast forwarding there, even though this was my first attempt at doing it.
  • Annotation at 1:41: He can still record outside if their parents don't want him making noise or let him record inside.
  • Annotation at 1:46: The text can be mis-understandable to read without the outline/shadow(which Camtasia Studio only has) or with the different color besides black or white.
  • Annotation at 1:54: This joke I made didn't turn out well, even though the bunny only touched the camera in a second.
  • Annotation at 3:19: I didn't gave out my final points in this, which it turned out to be a cliche like what Rion said, but I fucked up for not coming up with them.
  • Commentated on by HalfBoiledHero.[36], Hacted Commentaries, and Alc Sonder.[37]
  • Disowned.
Nightmare Commentaries: Bro, why are you so mean to me?![38] kendall walker June 29, 2015 7:12
  • Avatar: Kurumi Tokisaki.
  • Annotation at 0:03: I was referring to the good/decent commentaries that were done on me since this bandwagon started in 2012 with 6 of them in 2012-2013, and it returned this year with 3 more of them.
  • Annotation at 0:59: I was trying to improve on my fast forwarding segment, but I end up making it worse and mis-understandable to the viewers by changing the clip speed to 190%. Guess I blew that last chance of trying to do some fast forwarding, and I'm now done with that kind of stuff.
  • Annotation at 1:29: I misinterpret on what Kendall's trying to say. RCV 5 said that Cameron did nothing to her cat, and he was only farting on her face. I fucked up for not paying attention right there.
  • Annotation at 1:42: Refer to what RCV 5 said about this. I can't think of anything to say about that point for this annotation.
  • Annotation at 3:43: That was a joke, but it sounded like it was forced. I should have said it in my normal tone just to make it more better.
  • Annotation at 4:44: That was a Danganronpa joke there, but Evan pointed out that I spoiled the first case from the first game, and I apologize to those who didn't get to that part from the first game and want to see it as a surprise.
  • Annotation at 4:58: Kendall meant stabbing the door with a screwdriver instead of her brother, so yea, I should have pay attention to what she said in this as well instead of being a dumbass.
  • Annotation at 5:43: I could have skipped the part from Kendall's video before making that point, and that one I made about not repeating myself was just pointless to bring up since the audience already knew it by now.
  • Annotation at 6:09: I contradicted myself on that, considering that I didn't listen to what Kendall's trying to say.
  • Uses a clip from the English dub of Date A Live episode 9.
  • Commentated on by RCV 5.[39]
  • Disowned.
Nightmare One Shot: Commentaries Suck Because I Don't Like Them[40] Cazaam the Angry Aspie July 26, 2015 1:38
  • Avatar: Chiaki Nanami.
  • Annotation at 1:05: I meant to say you've XD
Nightmare Commentaries: You Must Follow the Freedom of Speech[41] Stuart McPherran GCAEC EDCP KGF TPNG NODD IGUA August 7, 2015 10:13
  • Avatar: Kurumi Tokisaki.
  • Fourth-degree commentary.
  • Uses a clip from the English dub of Date A Live OVA 1.
Nightmare Commentaries: No Wonder Why the Countdown Community Sucks[42] Dafawfulizer September 16, 2015 10:03
  • Avatar: Chiaki Nanami.
  • Third-degree commentary.
  • Requested by The Yeags.
  • Annotation at 7:31: Meant to pronounce Derterifii incorrectly XD
  • Uses a clip of JustCallMeHenry originally used in Zumpano's commentary on Seck Boi.
Nightmare Commentaries: A Wild Danmad297 and TheOrionBroadcast 2.0 Appears (Co-op with RCV 5)[43] Mindoutofsync October 29, 2015 21:38
  • Avatar: Kurumi Tokisaki.
  • Co-op with RCV 5 (as Shido Itsuka).
  • Fourth-degree commentary.
  • Annotation at 7:05: I meant to say phone instead of iPhone when he said it XD
  • Annotation at 8:14: I apologize if the black and white segment didn't turn out good. Sadly, Camtasia Studio doesn't have it, so this is all that's turned out
  • Annotation at 18:49: After looking back at this point, apparently, it was Louden who made that video error, not mindoutofsync. Looks like I dun goofed on that point right there. Sorry, Louden ^^
  • Morgan's longest commentary on her channel.
  • Commentated on by Mindoutofsync.[44]
Nightmare Double Shot: Why Can't the TTG Producers Acknowledge Their Mistakes?[45] DuoPersona101 November 8, 2015 2:17
Nightmare Quickie: Offensive Woman Vs Defensive Man[46] ~Anthony Zel 1426~ November 14, 2015 4:32
Nightmare One Shot: Who Cares if People Commentate on Dead Horses?[47] Jomaster The Second December 19, 2015 0:56
  • Avatar: Sasami Masaki Jurai.
  • Fourth-degree commentary.
  • Commentated on by Jomaster The Second and Fluttershy259.[48]
Nightmare Commentaries: Date A Lack of Research(originally "Nightmare Commentaries: Lack of Knowledge = Bad Review")[49] BladeNinja009 December 23, 2015 8:00
  • Avatar: Kurumi Tokisaki.
  • Requested by TheHyruleBard/Hyrule Anime.
Nightmare Commentaries: A Valentine's Nightmare (Co-op with David the savior)[50] Doodletones February 15, 2016 16:03
  • Avatar: NiGHTS.
  • Co-op with David the savior (as Reala).
  • Cameo by OrphanOfTheMoon (as Junko Enoshima).
  • Annotation at 2:46: To point out, this was meant to be an observation, but David ended up turning this into an insult, which was never meant to be
  • Third-degree commentary.
  • Requested by Marshall Hensho.
Nightmare One Shot: Having Difficulties ≠ Bad Score[51] Foss & Light April 23, 2016 2:22
Nightmare One Shot: She Attacked Him With Her Own Will[52] BennettTheSage May 20, 2016 1:22
  • Avatar: Sasami Masaki Jurai.
  • Disowned.
Nightmare Commentaries: Here Comes Foxtrot 2.0[53] Obscurian May 23, 2016 14:37
Nightmare One Shot: The Edgelord of Overrated Games[59] Nihilistic Snake June 23, 2016 0:44
  • Avatar: Kurumi Tokisaki.
  • Morgan's shortest commentary on her channel.
  • Commentated on by George Raccoon[60] and Spy Scriber.[61]
  • Last commentary made in Camtasia Studio.
Commentary on George Raccoon[62] George Raccoon July 13, 2016 2:38
  • Avatar: No avatar.
  • Third-degree commentary.
  • Joke commentary.
Nightmare Double Shot: No Permission? Take it down[63] GenVamp Storage Unit September 3, 2016 3:11
  • Avatar: Cyan Hijirikawa.
  • Annotation at 0:09: This pic was transparent when I saved it, but when I opened it up in Sony Vegas, it somehow got a black background, and I can't seem to get rid of it without messing up the pic. Damn you, Sony Vegas for doing this to me X_X
  • Received many dislikes due to Doodletones fan backlash.
Nightmare Commentaries: No Rings for Sonic[64] OkUrsus November 7, 2017 7:07
Nightmare Double Shot: Get Your Baby Away from the Toy[65] PhantomStrider & Nostalgia Critic April 4, 2018 3:29