Cl0wn-DUD3 98 is a former commentator who also makes random videos. He's been in the CC since mid-2015, though on different accounts, as he used to channel jump before his current account. He was in Syndicate of Outcasted Commentators in 2016, but after some internal problems, he left/was kicked in August 2016. He was also in The Commentator's Court until Obscurian kicked him from the group. He joined Corporation of the Alternative Nitpickers but has left the group. He later claimed to no longer consider himself part of the CC, but still make commentaries. In March 2018, he left Hopefully Ordinary People in Existence. As of early 2018, his channel is now deleted.

Avatars Edit

  • His OCs [Main]
  • Patrick Star (SpongeBob SquarePants)
  • Shining Armor (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
  • Pharamosa (Pokemon)
  • Amy Rose (Sonic the Hedgehog)

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Trivia Edit

  • He likes coffee.
  • He is most infamous for his drama with Doodletones and Dillin Thomas. Though he's cool with Doodle and Dillin now.
  • He likes physical media (Vinyl, CDs, DVDs, SD Cards, Thumb Sticks, etc).
  • He's a fan of Edutubers.
  • He sucks at line art or drawing with detail.
  • In the D.O.C. Skype Chat while testing out the commands, he accidentally added Doodletones, Umbrus then removed her from the group for an obvious reason. She does not count as a member of the group.
  • He has a strong dislike of rap and disco.
  • He has stated that he dislikes the songs Streetwalker (For being saccharine and overly urban crap) , Imagine (For having lyrics promoting a world that would be devoid of humanity), and Candy Shop (For being annoying and for having awful lifeless vocals).
  • When he was recording his audio for his tri-op with Supersonicward15 and Jonah Smith he tried speaking with an Eastern European accent; he stopped after he deemed his audio unlistenable.
  • He has a strong dislike of Twitter, hence why he has no account on that site.

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