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• 2/1/2019


I feel like we should have each group have there own colored navbox to make them feel different from each other

like change fox and bop to different colors

That's just me tho.

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• 6/22/2017


why is the alt-cc so cancer
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• 6/12/2017

category list?

can anyone give me a list of the category's?
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• 4/20/2017

I have a question.

Will there be articles on commentary bandwagons like The Irate Gamer or TheMysteriousMrEnter? So far there are no articles on users who aren't commentators, and I was wondering if it would be ok to make these articles.
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• 4/20/2017

Former BOP Commentators

If anyone has any information on Revon Realm, Lunasoft, Bangamone, and/or Da Boy, it is much needed. The CommentaryDB failed no just because of vandals, but because of lack of info. If we really want to make this an information source, we should really have more history sections and people's pages. We should probably also get some firsthand information from people who don't wish to participate in this wiki. I doubt anyone actually cares about what avatar you use. A wiki is for information, and I think that we should do our beats to provide the actual history behind the CC and the commentators within it, rather than just basic trivia and summaries. Judging by how we have people like Akriloth, George, Kagamine, and Blaze (commentators who were around and have info about the pre-2012 CC) helping with the wiki, I think we'd be able to get this accomplished. I say this because I don't actually know enough to truly contribute to these articles and the only person who I talk to who can actually provide info is Bourg, so......
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